Playstation Portable Homebrew

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For years, it has been tradition on game consoles of all sorts to prohibit the creation of software by unlicensed home developers. While liscenced game developers and the like were allowed to create and release software, no one else was.

We feel that it is time for this age-old restriction to be put to rest for the good of all.

There is a large community of people eager to develop their own applications for the Sony Playstation Portable, but the presence of the former mentioned restrictions has required them to "Crack" the PSP software in order to run their own programs. This has made development incredibly difficult. However, even through these difficulties, the community has had the dedication and the manpower to create these programs anyway. If these restrictions were removed, the size of the community would explode, fueled by the open source and linux communities. Sale of PSP's would go up as people purchased the device in order to run homebrew applications. With the possibility of homebrew software, users could create programs like desktops, web browsers, operating systems, media players, network and usb applications, and all kinds of useful programs.

Now of course there is always the issue of piracy. What would happen if people could illegally download and run commercial games due to the removal of restrictions? The answer is not much. Eventually, homebrew applications will probably enable people to do this, with or without the current restrictions. There may be ways to discourage piracy, but there is no possible way to stop it. The best you can do to help prevent it is to put anti-piracy methods on the UMD's themselves.

Releasing the required development tools to the public and removing the restrictions on homebrew apps would greatly benefit PSP owners as well as Sony corporation itself. Please support homebrew application development.