Rename the new Runyon Creek Bridge the Capt. Patrick B. Olson Bridge

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    Washington (NC) City Council, Beaufort County Commissioners, North Carolina Department of Transportation
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    citizens of Washington NC
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To the Washington (NC) City Council, the Beaufort County Commissioners, and the North Carolina Department of Transportation, as well as concerned citizens and friends:

This petition is signed by those in support of naming the recently rebuilt bridge on River Road (N.C. 32) in Washington over Runyon Creek in honor of Captain Patrick Brian Olson.

Patrick Olson perished over the skies of Iraq 27 Feb 1991. Patrick was a native Washingtonian, known to all of us in Beaufort County and Washington, by our generation and by our parents' generation. He was a man who lived his dream of service to his country, and unfortunately died during the execution of that service.

We feel it a fitting tribute to name this bridge in memory of Patrick Olson and his service and his ultimate sacrifice during the first Gulf War. A structure like this bridge is built once in a lifetime in our community, and we expect it to stand for 30-50 years. While WE all remember Patrick, , we want our children and grandchildren to know who he was, why he made the ultimate sacrifice, and why he did what he did. We wish it to be known that he was a genuine American patriot who died defending the freedom that we so often take for granted, and we want it to be known for years to come. We feel this is a fitting tribute to a fallen hometown comrade and friend.