Give Us Our Government Back!

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Stop what you are doing and listen to us!

It is truly clear that both of your institutionsthe executive and legislative brancheshave fallen completely out of touch with the common American. As it is your duty to represent us, and because you are failing to do so, we speak to you today via our First Amendment right to seek redress through petition, to ask for the changes necessary to put our country back on the track of peace and prosperity. We suggest you fix it by doing the following:

1. Give Us Back Our Freedoms! We the American people are not your enemies. We are not terrorists, yet you have turned your fear of them on us, American citizens and residents. Repeal the abuses of the PATRIOT Act and the Military Commissions Act. Restore to us our freedoms and our guaranteed liberties as embodied in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Honor the contract that you have with America through those founding documents.

2. Give Us Back Our Property! Judges have ruled that our government is free take our land and give it to other private, special interests. This is an absurd abuse of governmental power which would have enraged our Founders! Our ancestors and countrymen have not fought and died at home and abroad so that the fruits of their labor, their lifes work, or their landnor those of their families and friendscould be confiscated in order to benefit special interests. Stop these immoral acts of confiscation of our property now!

3. Give Us Back Our Lives! Cut government spending and cut taxes. We currently work over four months of the year to meet our tax liabilities. While we dont like taxes, we recognize the purpose they serve. However, our begrudging willingness to pay those taxes does not give you free license to irresponsibly spend those tax dollars. Cut needless and inefficient programs that dont work and give us back the money used to run them.

Once that's done, stop taxing us in secret through inflation. We are onto the game you are playing: simply printing the extra money you need, but neither have nor can get from us. This drives down our purchasing power and is, in a word, theft! We wont stand for it.

4. Give Us Back Our Government! We the People are sovereignnot you, the government. You work for us. Your job is to do what we want, not the other way around. When you all took office, you swore to uphold and protect the Constitution. Yet day in, day out, you ignore that honored document and usurp from us powers which we did not give. Now, though backchannels and hushed negotiations, and not according to our will, you are even so bold to attempt the subversion of that Great Writ of government, our Constitution, by erasing our bordersand taking away our right to elect those who would lead usby creating the unelected governing body of the North American Union. We the People are perfectly capable of running our own lives and we do not need any supra-national agencies dictating to us what to do and how to do it.

5. Give Us Peace and Prosperity! Stop meddling in the affairs of other countries, whether by exerting influence or by fomenting unnecessary, needless, and dangerous wars which we can never win. While we always love to see our brothers and sisters around the world open their arms to democracy and freedom, we simply cant force them to be free at gunpoint. Instead, lets work to fix the problems we have here at home. If we set a good example and actively coach other people of the world how to be free through trade and good relations, they just might take the steps necessary to be free themselves. We cant do for them what they must do themselves; else, they wont truly value what they gain.

Also, we should only fight wars for the self-defense of our borders against countries that actively threaten us with legitimate dangers and not imagined ones. Defending other countries and policing the world are not the jobs of our military. Pax Romana didnt work for the Romans, and attempting a Pax Americana isnt going to work for us. Instead of wasting our resources on a policy that has always failed, wed better serve the world and ourselves by using those resources to invest in our economy, our infrastructures, and charity and goodwill throughout the world.

Only one presidential candidate has expressed the entirety of the ideas herein: Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. Please support his candidacy for President. If you are Republican, vote for him in the primaries. If you are Democratic or Independent, or even third party, please support Dr Paul by changing your voter registration to Republican and voting Ron Paul in the Republican primaries.