Bring Back the Pudding Pop

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    Kraft Foods
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Dear Kraft Foods:

We the undersigned beseech you to please bring back the Jell-O Pudding Pops. We remember them from innocent days of past and for too long we have been without them.

Pudding pops were more than a delightful frozen treat. They were pure perfection in a too-often imperfect world.

Whether you preferred the single flavor or the legendary vanilla-chocolate swirl, all shared in the peerless deliciousness of the pudding pop. We all reveled in that cherished crackle of ice breaking with the first bite and savored the last remnants secured on the stick.

Jell-O Pudding Pops. Sweet, creamy Jell-O Pudding Pops.

They are your product to sell. They are our desires to buy. Please bring them back.

Thank you.