Help Stop Illicit Pet Sales on Craigslist

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We respectfully request that you close the "adoption fee" loophole for pet sales on your website. Please prohibit owners and businesses from charging money for pets, and allow fees only from municipal shelters and registered 501(c)3 rescue organizations.

We know that Craigslist officially "prohibits" pet sales, but it's a continuing problem with thousands of pets sold on your website every day. Because it's popular and free, Craigslist provides an economic incentive for people to breed, steal, and sell more pets. This is contributing to the homeless pet problem nationwide.

Please prohibit owners and businesses from charging fees when rehoming a pet -- normal pet costs are the owner's responsibility, and allowing owners to sell pets makes the homeless pet problem worse, not better.

Allow fees from 501(c)3 nonprofits and municipal shelters only -- these organizations are well-regulated by law, with no profit motive, and exist simply to help the homeless pet population.

This will practically eliminate the pet sales problem on your site, and will keep Craigslist safe and useful for the real pet community: honest pet owners, adopters, rescue organizations, and shelters.

*** Petition Readers: After signing the petition, please make a direct suggestion to Craigslist on this issue by using their feedback form and by emailing the president at [email protected]