Investigate the Mormon Church for Prop 8 Involvement

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    The IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division
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The purpose of this petition is to gain 5,000 signatures to show sufficient cause for the IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division to investigate whether or not the Church of Latter Day Saints violated IRS regulations by encouraging members to vote yes on Proposition 8 and by helping fund the campaign through LDS member contributions.

Whether you are gay or not; whether you are from California or not; whether you are religious or not, you should find the overt involvement of The Church of Latter Day Saints (AKA LDS or Mormons) in California's Proposition 8 in the 2008 presidential election COMPLETELY OBJECTIONABLE and UNFAIR enough to see if it is AGAINST IRS REGULATIONS.

The reason for tax exemption of churches is so that they can operate more easily and utilize their funds to further good and genuine causes for the community, not FURTHER HATE and INTOLERANCE and DISCRIMINATION. How objectionable for a modern day church to want to invoke discrimination laws like a BAN on GAY RIGHTS, a protected class, during such an HISTORIC ELECTION!

The mere existence of this situation should give pause and reflection to LDS members and US citizens everywhere. This election was so emotive and ugly. Fear based campaigns seemed to be everywhere, yet most failed. This campaign of hate and intolerance succeeded in large part due to the financial and organizational support of The Church of Latter Day Saints and its members. Those actions may very well be against IRS regulations of fairness.

Please sign this petition and show you care about separation of church and state. Didn't we have enough of invasive religious influence over the last several years?