Keep Petr Prucha and Play Him

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    New York Rangers Management
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We, the undersigned, hereby declare ourselves to be true and faithful fans of the NY Rangers hockey club. Furthermore, we strongly believe that Petr Prucha--who proudly wears the number 25 on his Rangers sweater and is one of the hardest-working members of the team--deserves to be given a real chance to demonstrate his playing capabilities. To wit, he should be played regularly--i.e. not for a mere string of 2-3 consecutive games--and be given playing time of not less than 10+ minutes per game. We believe that he has been declared a healthy scratch for far too many games this season and unjustifiably so.

Therefore, be it resolved that Petr Prucha:

(1) Should be recognized as a dedicated member of the NY Rangers who works hard and gives his all on each and every shift;
(2) Is indeed a valuable member of the team who therefore should not be considered for any trade and/or placed on waivers;
(3) Should no longer be relegated to the press-box as a healthy scratch (where he has spent far too many games);
(4) Should be played on a line in which he can contribute his scoring talents to the fullest of his abilities;
(5) Shall be given a significant amount of playing time in each and every game and, finally
(6) Shall be accorded time on the power play, a role in which he has distinguished himself in the past.