Google's Policy Against Gun Related Advertisers

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The Google search engine has refused advertisement from gun and knife related businesses - no matter what your ad may actually say. Ads for "food" are summararily denied because a business may also carry gun related parts. Ads for "porn" are permitted and seemingly preferred over ads for "pistol barrels" or "night vision" or "food". Yet food ads are permitted - to businesses who don't carry gun related parts.

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The ramifications of this unpublished "policy" by a major search engine used by tens of millions are utterly enormous.

Many of us believe this is discrimination upon individuals, businesses and organizations, an assault on the First and Second Ammendment rights of all Americans, a deliberate singling out of a specific target group of individuals, businesses and organizations which are the forerunning champions of the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution.

Furthermore, we believe that such actions by these politically correct policies being forced upon every American by businesses, companies, corporations, organizations and all levels of the state and federal government are leading to the continued destruction of the Constitution of the United States, the downfall and moral degeneration of our society and culture, and are an utter disregard for the millions of individuals who fought for our freedom we all enjoy and cherish.

The purpose of this petition is to bring forth a unified support against all such policies and this one in particular, to reverse this policy and to provide for the fair and equal treatment of all individuals, businesses, organizations and groups who have found themselves singled out and restricted and in particular, gun and knife owners, gun related businesses, gun organizations and gun related websites.

Signers of this petition seek a public and published reversal of this policy by Google, a public and published apology to all gun and knife owners and enthusiasts and the future and fair treatment without discrimination of all advertisers.