Petition opposed to renaming the Queensboro Bridge

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    New York City Council
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Dear Council Members,

We are concerned about the upcoming March 23rd vote on the renaming of the Queensboro Bridge after former Mayor Ed Koch. We feel this is an unacceptable proposal.

Queens is seldom honored in this Manhattan-centric city. Our history has been decimated by development and reshaped by outside forces. This insanity has to stop.

Bridges and public spaces should be named after places, not individuals. Place names denote where the facility is. Place names are rarely controversial. Place names are historic and honor the places that they are named after. They therefore honor the people who live there.

The policy of the city up until very recently has been to name its major spans after towns or boroughs. We have the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx-Whitestone, Williamsburg and Queensboro Bridges.

Does the Ed Koch Bridge fit into this pattern?

Mr. Kochs record while mayor was mixed at best. While he did see the city through some difficult times, his administration also suffered many scandals. He has no roots in the borough of Queens whatsoever. He has always lived in Manhattan.

Voters in the borough and throughout the city are opposed to renaming the bridge after Koch.

If you truly represent the people, then you will vote no to renaming the Queensboro Bridge after Edward I. Koch.

Thank you.