Release "RAD" (1986) on DVD

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    Blay Video/Embassy Home Entertainment and/or the current owner of the distribution rights to this movie
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    fans of the BMX movie "RAD"
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One of the best movies of the 80's, in my humble opinion, "RAD" has never received a decent home video release. With the high quality possible in the DVD format, now is the perfect opportunity to release this BMX fan favorite. I've seen this movie auctioned on ebay in VHS format for FAR too much. True fans of "RAD" deserve a chance to buy the DVD of this movie for a reasonable price.

By signing this petition we the consumers are requesting that this movie be brought out on DVD.
The signatures along with this petition are further proof that there is a strong demand for this movie. Please let the fans be able to enjoy "RAD at home and give another generation the opportunity to enjoy this awesome movie. Don't just do it for us, but also for Bill Allen and the Reynolds twins....