66 RAW and 65 the Rhyme Reinstatement

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    Sirius XM Radio
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We, the undersigned paid listeners, would like to express our sincere disappointment and the demand of the reinstatement of 66 Raw and 65 the Rhyme.
All of us purchased a subscription to XM radio specifically for these two shows. Waking up to a new line up on 12 NOV 08 for all of us was a complete shock. We were blindsided and betrayed because our favorite shows were no longer on the air.
66 RAW presented hip-hop in its truest form; there is no replacement for this. LEO Gs Blaze session in the mornings prepared many of its 66 RAW listeners for the day. We were able to hear new released music and comment on them. Mz Kittiz Corna was simply what real hip-hop was, no other DJ could or would express their opinions the way Mz Kitti did she is loved by all her fans as demonstrated by the signatures of this petition. The shoguns DJs as well as shows from todays respected Rap Artist also kept the show number one on XM Radio.
65 the Rhyme was able to stay true to its roots of old school hip-hop. Sirius XM platform does not support this. This show allowed listeners to be taken back to when hip-hop began and with shoes like the Rhyme Line listeners were able to call in requests and reminisce of days when they grew up. Shows like Subsoniq, Monie Loves Ladies First, the illout show (bring it back!), and Spitkicker Radio kept us coming back to channel 65 when we needed come back to our roots.
On the signed petitions you will find thousands of names and actual Radio ID numbers so you know your listeners are serious about this petition. We demand you bring back 65 the Rhyme and 66 RAW back to its original channels and move Shade 45 to channel 63 or off completely. Failure to do this could result in losing potentially thousands of paying, loyal RAW and RHYME fans across the world. We ask that you please consider the listeners in this matter, without us potentially more people will lose their jobs because you would lose us as loyal fans.