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To whom it may concern,

This petition has been created to show Disney and Dreamworks that there are a lot of people that would like them to resolve their creative differences with Roger Rabbit, so that Roger Rabbit can become an active character again.

Roger Rabbit is a wonderful character, who is known and loved by many people, but seems to have been fading into obscurity over the last few years, which is truly a shame.

Disney and Dreamworks/Amblin Entertainment share ownership of Roger and their past collaborations were wonderful. Unfortunately, the relationship has soured, making Disney unable to use Roger and his co-stars in new Disney projects. Its been said that Disney and Dreamworks have been unable to come to working agreements in bringing the Roger Rabbit characters back into the Disney universe.

This is very disappointing and many people are upset about this.

Wed like to see more of Roger Rabbit and company in more Disney movies (like the future animated feature The Search for Mickey Mouse), TV shows (like House of Mouse) and theme park attractions (like the upcoming Mickeys Philharmagic 3D show).

Wed also like to see more Roger Rabbit-based theme park attractions (like the proposed Toontown Trolley and Baby Hermans Runaway Baby Buggy Ride), as well as more Roger Rabbit feature films, cartoon shorts and maybe a Roger Rabbit TV show.

Evidently, Disney and Dreamworks do have some sort of working agreement, because Roger and friends still appear on Disney merchandise and artwork from time-to-time. The Roger Rabbit walk-around character still appears in the Disney theme parks on occasion as well, but hes not the regular that he was in the past. Wed like him to be a regular in the parks again and would like him to go back to participating in Disney parades and shows (including the Spectromagic light parade at Walt Disney World and the daytime parades).

Roger still gets a lot of attention and exposure overseaswhy not in the U.S.A.?

Since Disney and Dreamworks can get along on merchandising, why not expand their ability to agree?

Why hurt the people who love Roger and crew over a personality fight between two companies?

We wish that you would take our thoughts into consideration and try to patch things up over Roger Rabbit, so that we can see more of him and his co-stars in the future.