R18+ Video Game Classifications in Australia.

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    Australian Government.
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Dear OFLC & the Australian Government.

As Australian gamers, we are very disappointed in the current status of the Classification Board for video games in Australia.

As of now, there is no R18+ & X18+ Video Games Rating. This prevents many games from entering Australia & some games to be censored with large consequences. Just recently the game titled Grand Theft Auto IV, developed by Rockstar North Games, has been censored in Australia to fit the M15+ Classification as there is no R18+ to stick to... leaving us Australians with a gimped version of the game compared to every other nation in the world.

This provides no freedom of choice for us adults. Why are adults over the age of 18 able to watch R18+ rated movies, and yet these adults do not have the same say for games?

We believe children under the age of 18 should be guided by their parents (or) guardians & prevented from buying this game without their permission. It is up to the parents & guardians of the said child to handle this situation. Adults should have every right to buy an uncensored game if they wish to do so.

Every other country is going forth in this path. Why is Australia sitting back & doing nothing?

So we ask, please consider the R18+ & X18+ Classifications & implement them into the system, we as Adult Australians deserve the rights of choice into what we play. Children should not have to restrict us from what we have the consent in buying.

Hopefully the Australian Government will come to its senses & realize the current ratings system is broken.

Please we urge you; it is the correct decision to take. As many of us adult Australians gamers would agree.