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Revoke the PFC Jessica Lynch Bronze Star Medal

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    Secretary of the Army
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Petition to Revoke Bronze Star




1. The awarding of the Bronze Star is an honor reserved for those military members who, in a non-aviation capacity, show valor in a combat situation or perform meritoriously when engaged by a hostile enemy, when such actions rose above those which are inherent and expected of every soldier in the performance of their duties in combat.

2. We have the utmost respect for all military members, active and veteran, who have been faced with the trauma and terror of combat, including PFC Jessica Lynch in her service in Iraq.

3. However, a review of the narratives of past Bronze Star recipients has shown a gross difference between their actions and the actions of PFC Lynch while she served in Iraq.

4. PFC Lynch, while in a military convoy in Iraq, survived an ambush by the Iraqi military, and was subsequently taken to an Iraqi hospital and treated for her wounds. She remained in the Iraqi hospital, and under the commendable care of the Iraqi medical staff, whom she praised for the treatment and care that they showed her, until she was returned to American forces.

5. PFC Lynch neither killed nor wounded any Iraqi military and, in fact, had a malfunctioning weapon which would have prevented any return fire. PFC Lynch suffered wounds from a vehicle accident during an ambush, was taken to a hospital, and treated for her wounds.

6. The narratives of past Bronze Star recipients reflect the purpose for which this medal was intended. Past recipients showed tremendous courage in the face of enemy fire, risked their lives to save their comrades, intentionally placed themselves in extreme danger without regard for their own lives, made personal decisions that eliminated or diverted enemy military, and took actions that were far above and beyond the actions expected or taken by their fellow soldiers. These are actions deserving of a Bronze Star.

7. It is not our intention to disrespect PFC Lynch in any way, but rather to avoid disrespecting the past Bronze Star recipients who truly rose far above the norm, with extreme courage and under extreme personal danger, who took extraordinary measures themselves to save their fellow soldiers. Our purpose is also to maintain the dignified respect of the Bronze Star and what it is truly intended to honor.

8. PFC Lynch survived an extremely traumatic experience, as all combat veterans have, but all combat veterans have not earned a Bronze Star simply for surviving their mission and performing their expected duties. The military has many awards with which to recognize a soldier's efforts, but only one Bronze Star Medal with which to honor those soldiers who take truly heroic, dangerous, selfless, and exemplary actions.

With all due respect to PFC Jessica Lynch, we affix our names to this petition to revoke the Bronze Star Medal awarded to PFC Lynch on 2 July 03.