Reject Rite Aid

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    Troy Planning Board
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We respectfully ask the Troy Planning Board to reject the proposed new Rite Aid stores at Hoosick and Burdett and by the Waterford Bridge in Lansingburgh (Freihofer's site).

Rite Aid has an existing store on Hoosick St. and another right outside the city line in Brunswick. There will be a new Walgreen's at the top of Hoosick St. There are an abundance of box store pharmacies locally, including CVS, Walmart, Walgreen's, Rite Aid, Price Chopper pharmacy, etc.

We believe that these new Rite Aids will detract from the aesthetic appearance of the city and will increase traffic substantially. We also decry the proposed demolition of the old frat house (said to have been a stop on the underground railroad) and several craftsmen bungalows on Hoosick. We also decry the use of prime Troy riverfront at the Freihofer site for a box store.

We ask the members of the board to recall that Rite Aid abandoned its store downtown and plans to abandon its current building on Hoosick St. As for the Hoosick site, Rite Aid's interest is not in supporting Troy, but engaging in corporate battle with Walgreen's up the road. We ask you to deny Rite Aid's application and keep the entries to Troy free of suburban-style box stores.

We thank the Board for it's time and consideration of our concerns.