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    The Members of the Loyal Order of Stupids
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To TNN and all who are concerned,

We, the fans of Ren and Stimpy, wish to show our gratitude toward the new Ren and Stimpy episodes being aired, and our appreciation for all the work John Kricfalusi, Spumco, and all others involved have contributed in making these new episodes.

It is a common opinion that Ren and Stimpy is the best animation to come along since the Warner Brothers days, and already Ren and Stimpy have become classic. WB cartoons are still showing now, and a lot of us are confident that Spumco cartoons are going to enjoy the same longetivety as Warner and Hanna/Barberra animations... given the opportunity to prove itself over a number of seasons.

It has become apparent that there is some negative feedback, and we fans feel our positive voice is becoming drowned out. Well we want to put a stop to that, and make sure that a second season of the Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon becomes reality. John K himself said that "I try everything. If it doesn't go over I'll never do it again! How do I know what will work and what won't until I try it?" We want John and the team at Spumco to have every opportunity to try new ideas, new characters, new storylines, because we the undersigned feel that they should be able to continue making a cartoon that is original, that pushes the boundries, and is throughly enjoyable to watch.

We do not think that the nasty, ignorant comments made by other people are just. The animators worked extremely hard on the new episodes and they should be given every chance to make a lot of Ren and Stimpy fans happy. We do not think 2 seconds of footage from Onward and Upwards, which some people liked, some didn't, should dictate whether or not there should be a new series. We feel that the series should be viewed objectively as a whole. What we have seen so far we have liked and we want more.

Please, for the many fans that really enjoy the new series and the new direction that it has taken, allow there to be many more seasons.