Save The Fur Seals of South Africa

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In the Republic of South Africa, the Cape Fur Seals are consider: ( res nullius ), meaning they have no owner, and therefore, they have no animal rights protection, as they are not considered Sentient Beings.

Along the eastern coastline of South Africa, around the tip of Africa, and up along the west coast of South Africa, Namibia and Angola, a range of over 4000 kilometres (Approximately 2,500 miles). One of the most productive fisheries exist, it is here also where Cape Fur Seals breed, for decades a war zone, has ranged between fishermen and these warm and loving creatures.

Because of antiquated laws, one-sided laws, fishermen are allowed to carry weapons and explosives on their fishing trips for fear of piracy, A euphemistic phrase to cover up the daily slaughter of innocent Seals. Sadly, the only targets in these Oceans of Strife are the Seals.

The Cape Fur Seal has been a protected species since 1973 under the Sea-bird and Seal Protection Ace (Act 46 of 1973) but, ironically, this act was never written to protect them, instead its purpose was to control who killed them commercially. South Africa only suspended culling and clubbing of the seals in 1990. With independence of Namibia, continuing to club 60 000 baby 8-month old seals and shoot 7000 bulls for their penises.

It is the aim of Seal Alert South Africa, and a host of other organizations, Canadian Voice for Animals, Canada, Action Against Poisoning, Seals-Turkey and IFAW, to name just a few, to create an electronic lobby of 30,000 world citizens and present this petition to The Honourable Minister Martinus Van Schalkwyk of the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism of South Africa, and persuade the DEAT, to carry out the existing laws and to introduce more effective Seal Protection Laws, to the

The South African Seals that have been in existence for five million years are slowly disappearing, from their offshore islands, and if the slaughter is not curbed soon, there will be no Fur Seals period. In the last decade, seals have declined by over 50\%, and are currently experiencing, above the illegal fishermen killing, the biggest mass death by starvation of seals, the world has ever experienced

We humbly and desperately ask all who see this lobby petition to sign it and pass it along to all of whom you might be acquainted.

For the Seals, I am,
Francois Hugo,
Animal Activist Seal rescuer.