Sprint to allow SERO on any New Phone

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SERO (Sprint Employee Referral Offer) plans are not allowed with newer phones such as the Samsung Instinct, Palm Pre, and most importantly the HTC Hero.

Unlimited Data is required for these phones that are usually data intensive, and SERO plans have unlimited Data.

Sometimes, Sprint Reps say that SERO plans do not have navigation, which these phones have. They can block navigation of Sero plans if upgraded because that feature is not necessary.

The fact of the matter is that Sprint is not making any money with SERO plans, and they are forcing you to switch to newer more expensive plans that have the same features just to get these hot items.

On the onset of every new phone in the horizon of Sprint's phone selection, A new thread is started to discuss the possibility of whether SERO is allowed on that phone. Too many frustrated customers raise their hopes up to find out in the end that the phone is not allowed. I have even asked reps and they first told me it is possible, until they email me again to tell me otherwise.

I am initiating this petition to urge Sprint to allow SERO plans on these newer phones even if it doesn't include navigation. We are a bunch of tired, frustrated customers who want more selection for their frugal plans.

The least that Sprint can go is to allow these phones to be activated if they were purchased at full price.