Stop the consolidation works on the Chituc Levee from the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

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    The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Romania; The Romanian Waters National Administration; Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Administration
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Stop the consolidation works on the Chituc Levee from the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

The ROMANIAN ORNITHOLOGICAL SOCIETY, non-governmental organization, society for the study and protection of birds, their habitats and nature, requests to stop the consolidation works on the Chituc Levee from Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (DDBR), Romania.
The Romanian Waters National Administration, DOBROGEA-SEASIDE Water Directorate intends to carry out o series of consolidation works on the seaside of the North Midia Sector, including the consolidation of the access road from the strictly protected area on the Chituc Levee.
The Chituc Levee is a protected area and it is situated in the southern part of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. It separates the Black Sea from Razelm-Sinoe lagoonal Complex. The north part of the levee is a strictly protected area. The Chituc Levee includes typical costal sand dunes and lakes with a fan disposal. The levee presents a high biodiversity and it is an important area for many species of birds, especially for the wintering and migrating populations. Here is the last natural costal sand dune of the Romanian seaside.
The consolidation works proposed by the Water Authority threaten the habitats and many species, especially birds which are protected by many international conventions (Bern, Bonn, Washington Conventions, Bird and Habitat Directive) and national laws (the DDBR Law 82/1993; HG 248/1994; HG 367/2002; H.G. 1284/2007 and O.M. 776/2007).
The consolidation/building of the access road through the strictly protected area on the levee will create the possibility for secondary development in the future with a major negative impact on the biodiversity, practically an ecological disaster. This consolidation work represents a high risk for the integrity of the strictly protected area and according to the law it can not be justified by any socio-economic interests in this area.
This works are carried out without respecting Romanians environmental laws, regulations and international obligations. It is in strong conflict with the EU legislation: the Habitats and Birds Directive and the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive.
For secure the Favorable Conservation Status of the habitats and the populations of species on the Chituc Levee (according with the management plan of DDBR and Habitats and Birds Directive) we request to stop any consolidation works on the Chituc Levee.
We need as many signatures as possible at the beginning of May, 2008.