Against Mandatory Year-Round School Attendance in Wake County

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If enough names are gathered on this petition, this information will be shared with city, county, and state leaders representing Wake County. Many of these leaders believe that the results of a recent Raleigh Chamber of Commerce poll indicate substantial public support for system-wide year-round conversion. They need to hear from you. Comments and suggestions are encouraged.


Mandatory year-round school attendance, with system-wide conversions in all grades, is being peddled as the only way to deal with over-crowding in the Wake County school system. While we are aware of the enormity of Wake Countys growth problem, we are also aware of research showing that a Band-Aid solution can have serious, unintended consequences. An option with such a dismal track record and a real potential to weaken the fibers that unite families and communities should, in our opinion, not be considered. Therefore, we are opposed to Wake County Public School System implementing mandatory year-round school attendance.