Samsung Intercept Recall

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    Sprint Nextel Corporation & Samsung Corporation
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    Unhappy Samsung Intercept Owners
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We, the current subscribers to your wireless service and users of your product, the Samsung Intercept Smart Phone Model #SPH-m910, are terribly frustrated and inconvenienced with this phone due to the various flaws and issues we have been experiencing with this product. We are hereby requesting that Samsung and Sprint recall this phone immediately.

We have all been experiencing major issues with the Intercept phone and are truly upset with the purchase of a product which has so many problems that it just makes us want to go back to our former devices. We all purchased this phone for the wonderful features which are offered with an Android phone. However, due to the flaws and issues which this phone has, it makes the phone useless all too often. The majority of us came to Sprint because of the best pricing of services compared to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. However, we do not believe that we should have to pay our monthly bill every month for an item which quite honestly isn't worth it.

We are requesting an immediate recall of the phone and to be offered an Android model which actually works and is worth paying the monthly bill every month. If you are not willing to do such a recall, we request to be allowed to choose one of the following options at our discretion:

1) To upgrade to a new device on our own, even if we are not at the upgrade point. In addition to being allowed to upgrade to a new device, we would be given a discount of 50 percent off the purchase price of the new device. This upgrade would also be without any additional fees to our account (i.e. activation) nor will it extend our contract term.

2) To cancel our contract with Sprint without having to pay any termination fees whatsoever.

In these days of a highly competitive wireless service market, we believe it would be in the best interest of both Samsung and Sprint to meet the needs of their customers.