Prevent Hate Crimes, Destruction and Desecration On The Schaghticoke Reservation in Kent, CT

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    Connecticut Govenor Jodi Rell
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We, the undersigned, call upon the Connecticut State Governor Jodi Rell to investigate and order an immediate halt to the hate crimes, destruction, desecration of sacred lands and encroachment that started after Federal Recognition and allowed to occur on the Schaghticoke Reservation in Kent, CT from 2004, to date.

We further insist upon your action, due to the fact that the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) falls under your jurisdiction and according to the Connecticut General Assembly State Statute, Chapter 824 Indians. We are deeply concerned about the overwhelming, negative environmental impact affecting Ancestral Lands.

Since 2004, a non-Schaghticoke trespasser has and continues to misuse large construction machinery without appropriate sanctions, including Tribal approval. Much of this devastation includes: severing, ripping and cutting down trees which cause the unnecessary fragmentation of forest blocks, selling timber off an Indian Reservation, quarrying large boulders, destroying endangered species and their habitats, and purposely inflicting irreparable harm to sacred land. His direct annihilation of Schaghticoke land and our Native American beliefs structure must be halted. We request that you, Governor Rell, the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Public Safety and the Attorney General, to adhere to your fiduciary duties by fulfilling the laws and statutes mandated unto you by the Connecticut General Assembly.

Therefore, we the undersigned, call upon you the Governor, to terminate the premeditated and continuous ruin of a state recognized Reservation by this trespasser and we further request an immediate cease and desist order, as well as, a criminal arrest against this trespasser for his irrevocable actions. Furthermore, for our artifacts to be returned and our land to be restored as it was left for us by our ancestors.