SSJYSL use of Santa Teresa Football field on Sunday's

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    Superintendant, ESUHSD
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    Blossom Hill/Santa Teresa Community
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South San Jose Youth Soccer League, in an effort to allow for expanded safe play for over 1000 children and to allow grass fields to recover, petitions the Superintendant of the East Side Union High-School District (ESUHSD) for rights to use the Santa Teresa High School turf field on Sunday's between the hours of 9am and 6pm. This would be in addition to the times that we have worked out with the Santa Teresa's Athletic Director on Saturday's and other days of the week that are not to interfere with Santa Teresa's own athletic and band activities.

South San Jose Youth Soccer League is in need of soccer fields that allow for the safe teaching and playing of soccer by our communitys children. We currently have access to Gunderson High School's turf fields on weekends and would like the opportunity to add Santa Teresa's turf to our league's fields which are in poor repair. In addition to this petition, we are petitioning Oak Grove School District to allow the League to undertake a greater level of care of the approved fields or allow the League to contribute to the District's undertaking of improving the fields.

SSJYSL requests your support of these vital initiatives to help provide sports to our communitys children to help provide them safe after-school opportunities, teach then team-work and help them develop into responsible citizens.