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The real history of steak and BJ day
My name is Jim I am a trade show carpenter and work primarily at McCormick place in Chicago.One day at lunch talking to co workers about holidays. we came to the conclusion that men don't really have our day, like sweetest day.So I said how about we have a day were we have our wife or girlfriend cook us a steak and give us a BJ.No cards gifts or any of that stuff.We can call it steak and BJ day.We then decided that the first day of spring would be an appropriate day to have it.So then it was born.March 20th would be steak and BJ day.So we decided to tell everyone we Know and people we work with from all over the country.It seemed to get around pretty good.Then someone told me about this guy Tom Birdsey a radio host claiming that he created steak and BJ day and that it mirrors Valentines day.So basically I just wanted to set the record straight.Steak and BJ day is march 20th and it mirrors sweetist day.Sign the petition and lets make this a national holiday.