Stop The Salem Nuke Fish Slaughter

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    New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Governor Corzine
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    Stop The Salem Nuke Fish Slaughter Campaign
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To: the Commissioner, NJ DEP, Governor Corzine, and our Representatives:

Because the two Salem Nuke plants use over 3 BILLION gallons of Delaware Bay water every day for cooling, thus KILLING over 3 BILLION of our Delaware Bay fish each year, as well as destroying nutrients essential to the well-being of our Delaware Bay fisheries, because both recreational and commercial fishermen are being harmed, and because jobs and businesses dependent on the Delaware Bay are being harmed, we, the undersigned urge that: PSE&G BUILD A CLOSED COOLING SYSTEM (such as cooling towers) for SALEM UNITS 1 AND 2 which would eliminate 90-95\% of the fish slaughter