Smart Meter Review

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    Alameda County Board of Supervisors and City Councils,Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, State SenatorLoni Hancock, Governor Schwarzenegger, and the California Public Utilities Commission
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    Alameda County Residents Concerned About Smart Meters (ACRCASM)
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PGE is installing Smart Meters on Alameda County homes and businesses, often without residents consent. State Senator Dean Florezhascalled for a moratorium due to inordinate billing increases.Sebastopol requested a moratoriumciting concerns about health and radio frequency radiation, reading accuracy, and interference with appliances. In light of those issues, lack of security and vulnerability to hackers, or inadequate privacy, we the undersigned request that you:

1. Call for an immediate moratorium on the installation of Smart Meters;
2. Thoroughly investigate the program and the six concerns above by holding public hearings and requiring independent testing;
3. Require PGE to submit a characterization study of the system planned for Alameda County;
4.Allow customers to "opt out" of program;and
5.Call for amoratorium on the disposal, recycling, or permanent alteration of the old meters.

Thank you for your consideration.