SpeedTV (formerly Speedvision) petition to increase broadcast of non-NASCAR related programming (WRC, F1, Motorcylce)

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This petition is directed to the management and directors of SpeedTV and Fox Cable.

We the undersigned petition a change to programming to SpeedTV and Fox Cable. This petition is supplementary to вSpeedvision and NASCAR Programmingв created during Fox Cableвs buyout of Speedvision which garnered more than 65,000 signatures.

The undersigned feel compelled to communicate their voice of concern with the recent direction that programming on SpeedTV has undertaken. We feel that the preponderance of NASCAR and NASCAR related programming has soiled the integrity of a once great product. Similarly, the undersigned feel that the preponderance of reality show programming such as Unique Whips and Texas Hardtails offers little value or entertainment. These shows coupled with NASCAR related programming are often overplayed and / or have oversaturated the SpeedTV programming lineup. This petition is not necessary a request to reduce NASCAR related programming, the purpose rather is to encourage an increase of programming as prescribed below.

The undersigned wish to elicit SpeedTV and Fox Cable to resurrect programming now either lost completely, programming which is broadcast off-hours (11pm-5am), or programming which could be extended or increased. This programming includes:
в Formula One
в World Rally
в Grand Prix and Circuit Racing
в SCCA Racing
в Motorcycle Racing
в Dakar Rally

Many of the undersigned subscribe to a higher tier cable specifically for SpeedTV and SpeedTV alone. Many of these individuals subscribe due to SpeedTVвs once vast diversity and interesting coverage of motorsports. World Rally and Formula One coverage exists very high on the list of viewerвs interest. As programming becomes narrower at SpeedTV and lacks this diversity, many are finding continually less value in switching over to SpeedTV. Diversifying the programming and extending rich in value programming as mentioned above will garner a wider viewer base and thus a more diverse base from which to attract a wider range of sponsorship.

We earnestly recommend that SpeedTV and Fox Cable consider the 65,000 signatures collected from the previous petition as well as this petition and evaluate modifications to the current programming schedule as prescribed.

Best regards,

The fans and consumers of motorsports television.

View the previous 65,000 signatures for SpeedTV programming at: http://www.petitiononline.com/svsn/petition.html