For the return of Lt. Cmdr. Michael Speicher

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    Government of the United States of America
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WE, the undersigned have freely set our hand to this petition on the date stated to demand that the government and officials of the United States of America return Lt. Cmdr. Michael Speicher from the country of Iraq where his is possibly being held as a POW/MIA.
THEREFORE, we understand that certain intelligence agencies of the United States has received information that Lt. Cmdr. Speicher is alive and being held captive by foreign officials.
FURTHERMORE, we demand that every resource and tactic, that may be deemed necessary and relative, be implemented and enforced until Lt. Cmdr. Speicher is returned to the United States, be it alive or deceased.
FURTHER RESOLVED, we expect that the officials and government of our country will not tire, will not falter and will not fail in returning Lt. Cmdr. Speicher to the United States of America, where he belongs.