Landmark Stambaugh Building

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    City of Youngstown
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This petition comes in the wake of the news stories of the window removal at the Stambaugh Building on Central Square in Downtown Youngstown. We urge the City to continue using all resources at its disposal to quickly rectify this particular matter with an appropriate and permanent solution. Further, We call on the City to assemble a task force comprised of business leaders, citizens and city officials to study and create a Landmark Structure Ordinance that bestows landmark status on selected buildings in the Central Business District, prohibits their demolition unless they become a public safety issue due to catastrophic fire or storm damage and ties to those structures a set of maintenance standards which are above the minimum standards set forth in the International Building Maintenance Code. Such an ordinance will guard our historic properties and assure their proper maintenance regardless of the owner. It is now time in the history of our city, as it re-defines itself, to balance the progress of new construction with the value of the historic built environment.