End the Hate

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    Muslim Family of Paltalk
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Mr Jason Katz,

We the following feel shocked and appalled that such a commodity as Paltalk is being used by certain people and parties to harvest hate against ethenic minorities, in particular against the Islamic faith. To us this is racist and unacceptable and a sickness that should not be tolerated for long. Racial terminology and profanity have been used in G-rated rooms by certain parties who shall remain nameless unless their nomenclature is required. A suffering to which children have been subjected and their young minds wrongly manipulated to feel hate towards certain elements. We feel it is your responsibility to put an end to this.
Hence we ask of you to correct such wrongs before the hate consumes more people and causes more pain for some. Racism is something that the better part of the world condemns and doesnt allow. We, the undersigned hope that we can soon count Paltalk, a community of four million that stretches across the globe among that better part.