Stop Microsoft's Games For Windows Live restrictions on single-player games and saving/loading features

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For those of you unaware of this issue, the following is a brief summary:

Several software titles associated with Microsofts Games For Windows Live have made logging into their service a requirement to not only play games online, but also to access saved games and single-player mode. Up until now, developers and producers alike have maintained the standard of making both single-player games and saving and loading features independent of any online service or even internet access. Microsoft's attempt at circumventing this standard has caused an uproar in the gaming community with many consumers expressing reluctance or simply refusing to buy these games as a result. Others who did purchase the titles in question have encountered issues with the Games For Windows Live service which has prevented them from accessing some or all of the game features, some even after setting up a valid account. The implementation of these requirements has already weakened consumer confidence, and some have speculated that these restrictions will only encourage piracy.

The following is a petition on behalf of the gamer community to inform Microsoft that we are very displeased with the course they have taken, and that Microsoft and its "Games For Windows Live" service discontinues the use of a mandatory login and account in order to play the game and/or access saved games for all current and future titles. This will insure that users without internet access are provided with a game they can access and play along with anyone who does not wish to sign up with Games For Windows Live.

While gaming add-ons and additional content have become standards the consumer must purchase online, the basic features to play a game and save it have always been available to all consumers and should remain so.