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Swinford Bridge scrap the tolls

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    David Cameron MP and Oxfordshire County Council
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Petition to David Cameron, MP for Witney, Oxfordshire and Oxfordshire County Council (OCC)

Every day 10,000 vehicles use the Swinford Toll Bridge which crosses the Thames on the B4044 at Eynsham in west Oxfordshire. Each car that uses the privately owned bridge has to stop to pay a 5p toll due to an archaic Act of Parliament.

Built in the 1767 for pedestrians, horses, carts and carriages, in the 21st century the bridge creates an unacceptable bottleneck and consequently intolerable delays to traffic with queues stretching back sometimes for miles.

Petitioners call for David Cameron MP to work with OCC to repeal the Act of Parliament immediately and for OCC to compulsorily purchase the bridge and scrap the tolls. In consultation with local residents and bridge users, OCC should take a variety of steps to ensure a steady flow of traffic to reduce queues and give safe passage over the narrow bridge.