Microsoft-Bring back the XBOX Duke controller

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    Microsoft, XBOX division
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How many gamers out there miss that big loveable controller that Microsoft released originally, so eloquently named "The Duke" or "The Caddie" for its classic luxury feel? How many gamers out there so desperate to preserve their Duke have resorted to reconstructive surgery of it just so that they can get a few more rounds of Halo out of it? How many newer XBOX gamers with large hands wish they had a controller that fit them, so they could stop getting cramped hands?

My goal is simple, to bring to light for MS how many of their XBOX users would like at least one new Duke to take home. So that they may see the error in their ways of discontinuing production entirely, instead of just moving their sales to direct online sales to cut shipping costs.

Join us in making sure that the Duke has a place not only on the current XBOX, but on future MS consoles.