Taylor Lautner SHOULD and NEEDS to Be Jacob in all the Twilight movies, and the New Director should NOT Recast Jacob!

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    Chris Weitz, Summit Entertainment
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This is a petition for all Twilight fans (whether just the books, the movie, or both) who thought Taylor Lautner was PERFECT as Jacob (even if you are Team Edward, you have to admit he was amazing) and of course all Team Jacob/Werewolf fans.

As you know, Catherine Hardwicke is not the director of the next movie, New Moon, and the baton has been handed to Chris Weitz. Well, Weitz wants to re-cast Jacob because Taylor does not have enough "physique". Well, anyone who's seen him lacking a shirt knows he has enough physique!

Weitz is looking at some guy named Micheal Copon to be Jacob (who is SO not Jacob-esque, doesn't look a THING like Taylor, and has man boobs! I guess if Taylor got man boobs, they'd cast HIM. jk, jk) Anyway, this Copon guy is gunning hard for Jacob, but Lautner's agent (God bless him or her) is still trying hard to keep Tay on. They're using the Benjamin Button makeup artist to show them how I digitally modified Taylor would look. And, if that happens to fail (or if in fact, it works) just to be on the safe side, PLEASE sign this! Even if you don't love Taylor, it's stupid to cast him for someone who plays a major role in the series and then decide to cast someone who doesn't even look like him for the next! So sign, if only to defy Weitz.

(This is sad, I actually want Hardwicke back, and I used to hate her!)

Team Taylor forever!!!!!