"The Magician" DVD release

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    Paramount Home Entertainment & Martin Blythe
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    Consumers who wish to buy "The Magician" on DVD
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Dear Mr. Martin Blythe,

We, the fans of the 1973 TV series "The Magician" starring Bill Bixby, hereby respectfully request that you release this series on DVD, uncut and unedited, as it was originally broadcast on NBC from 1973 to 1974, in one boxed set containing all 22 episodes, pilot included.

For years now, illegal, poor quality, both VHS & DVD copies of this series have been successfully sold on eBay on a weekly basis, evidence that there is an obvious and consistent market for this DVD. Such a release can only prove to be a lucrative move for Paramount Home Entertainment as well as a delight for the fans, a win-win situation.

We know that Paramount rarely includes extras in its DVDs. However, we urge you to seriously consider including extras in "The Magician" DVD boxed set, and we respectfully ask that you kindly take the time to fulfill this request. We are certain that this would be an incentive for those who purchased bootlegged copies to buy the official DVD, therefore a definite way for Paramount to recoup lost income. We are mainly interested in the following extras: outtakes & bloopers, interviews with cast & crew and an audio reel (or limited edition DVD with bonus CD) of the theme and score.

By signing this petition, we are letting you know that we are eager, willing, and ready to purchase the official DVD for The Magician, and we are making a commitment to do so.

Mr. Blythe, we thank you for your time and your kind consideration given to this matter, and we look forward to the upcoming release of The Magician DVD in the very near future.