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We, the true nudists of, are concerned about the current state the website and feel that it is dissolving into a site that is being over run by perverts and individuals that do not adhere to the nudist principals of "nudity does not equal sex". Unfortunately, because of the lack of moderation, the chat room, groups section and forum have turned into a haven for people interested not in wholesome nudity but all forms of sexual depravity.

It is our position that members should not fear opening a web-cam in chat to find a male masturbating, or have to wade through post upon post in the forum that are of sexual nature.

With it's high visibility and large member base, should set the standard in the online nudist/naturist community and remove the topics, groups and members that are in violation of not only the site's policies but of the common standards of nudists and naturists world wide.

We therefore request that:

1. TT1 provide increased and active moderation of the website that he controls.

2. TT1 allow properly vetted and interested individuals to become moderators to assist in overseeing the website and it's contents

3. TT1 actively seek out and remove groups, posts and members that have a vested interest in sexual exploitation of the website.