Toronto Cyclists Deserve Better

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"Toronto Cyclist Deserve Better!"
The Cyclists of Toronto Demand Safe Passage and Respect!

The Transportation Association of Canada recommends a width of 2,0m for marked bike lanes on major urban roads. The minimum acceptable width is 1,5m. That is the national standard.

On May 19th, City Council voted in favour of a 'reduced width' bike lane on a 1.6 km section of Royal York Road. How it will be marked is not yet decided. A majority of councillors felt that 1,25m was sufficient, and that the "margin of safety" for cyclists was not significantly different between a 1,5m and 1,25m bike lane.

This decision sets a precedent that puts at risk all future proposals for 1,5m bike lanes on major roads, and makes it possible for any local community to demand reduced space for cyclists.

Cyclists deserve better. Cyclists deserve respect. Our lives depend on having safe passage on city roads. We need space to make Toronto a better place to live and breathe.

Therefore, the we request that 1,5m be established as the minimum width for bike lanes on major roads in the City of Toronto.