Evel Dick Must be Evicted

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    CBS Producers
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Big Brother Producers,
This is a petition asking that you take a stance on the behavior that Evel Dick has displayed while on Big Brother 8 by removing him from the show. Big Brother is a representative of CBS and all of its affiliates and advertisers, therefore Dick's actions can not be acceptable. To lie, and scheme to get someone out of the house is one thing but to take matters into his own hands is crossing a line. When he was unable to control his temper and dumped tea on Jen he crossed that line. Other houseguests HAVE talked about how he doesn't understand boundaries and it makes them uneasy. No one knows what he would do next if Jen "annoys" him more. What if he gets annoyed with another houseguest what will he do next? He is a liability to your show. Dick is abusive, mentally and physically. He has made statements that there had better be security at the sequester house if Jen is there with him. He has said she will have to be in the hospital to remove his foot from her a**. These are threats, and intent to do harm to Jen. CBS at a mimimum needs to pull every single houseguest into the diary room to ask how they feel about this incident. Because Dick is such a bully, intimidating people in that house they are not going to voluntarily go to the producers. You (CBS) have a responsibility to check with the other houseguests as to what they would like to see happen and ensure their safety. Please do NOT accept this type of behavior. Your show, (even though it is a competition, reality show) does send a message to the viewers of what is acceptable and if you do nothing you are condoning this behavior. Please remove Dick from the Big Brother house.
Thank you.