Rifall's Taco Song to be Featured

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Please make sure that you know what this video is talking about. Please watch the following video.


As many Youtube viewers (over 270,000) have seen, the Taco Song video uploaded by user, Rifall, is a static hit. Despite other videos having been made as responses and/or tributes to the Taco Song, this video has a creative work to it using a load of annotations that definitely took hours to perfect. With more than a thousand comments, and approaching 300,000 views, I believe that this video is deserving of being featured on the home page of Youtube [dot] com.

The Taco Song was uploaded to Youtube on December 9th, 2006. Since then it has received an outstanding number of views and comments. Samples of comments from this video indicate that 75\% of these comments display positivity toward the video, 5\% of them display negativity, and 20\% remain neutral in their connotation. Removing 5\% of comments from the total comment count, this video has still achieved a whopping 1162 comments. This figure was derived from a total count of 1224 comments. These numbers would suggest that 1000 people would enjoy the sight of the Taco Song being featured of Youtube's Homepage.

Other people have made different tributes to this song. Some have even made responses to this video. However, the creativity with this particular video falls within the annotations added to the video. New annotations have been added since the first revision, and in the future, hopefully, new connotations will be added to further enlighten the video. This video has a truly unique ground for feature video consideration other than just having a great song, or being a great video.

This video may have taken 3 years to achieve its rising, but its grown wasn't constant. Most of the growth of this video didn't take place until many months, even a year, after the first post date. This shows the popularity of the video instead of showing a very slow comment rate.

Other videos with much less views, and many less comments have been featured. Why not the Taco Song? Let's get this video featured please.

(All number figures were achieved on the 24th of October, 2009 at 1:21 PM. No negative biased is supported within any of these figures, and no such biased is meant to be implied at any time during this petition statement. All credit for the Taco Song video goes to the band, "Never Heard of It," and Rifall, of Youtube.)