Give back Texas to Mexico

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    US Congress & Mexican Government
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We, the undersigned, petition the United States Government, and the Government Body of Mexico to join together to get rid of the state of Texas.

More so, we firmly believe that the State of Texas is a mockery of any other state, as they view their state citizenship is higher than their national citizenship in general.

To be more to the point, we are demanding that Texas be succeeded back to Mexico, included all land assets and people as well. We want at least a 15 to 25 foot fence built around the former states borders to prevent these "texans" from coming back into the country they so willingly do not care about. Mexico may have all of Texas free of cost, as it's not worth anything in the long run.

We have declared this, and are represented by all peoples of the 49 other states in the union. If they want to be the "Lone Star" state, let them. Please, let's get rid of Texas; their lone star attitudes, country music, ford trucks, and stupid accents are making the rest of the United States sick.