Stop Adirondack Tire

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    FoX Broadcasting and The Adirondack Tire Company
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We, the concerned citizens of Upstate New York are shocked and disgusted at the recent television commercial released by Adirondack Tire on the FOX Broadcasting Network. The commercial uses sexually explicit scenes and dialogue which are inappropriate even for FOX's low moral standards.
We feel that we should be able to turn on the television during primetime and safely watch with our children. As parents, teachers and simply as concerned adults, we should not have to monitor commercials when our children are watching television, nor do some of us, as women, appreciate the objectifying of ourselves as sexual objects.
We would appreciate it if FOX would please remove this commercial from their station for at least the hours before late night programming begins. We also ask that if Adirodack Tire insists on advertising during primetime, they film a more appropriate commercial.