Restore Star Trek V: The Final Frontier in a Director's Edition DVD

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To the executives of Paramount Pictures and its home entertainment division:

We have recently read the comments posted at IGN Film Force in which you had informed William Shatner that you had no desire to pursue a restored Director's Edition DVD release of his film "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier". Not only are many fans upset by your decision not to pursue such a restored effort, but this has also bothered Mr. Shatner to publicly express his displeasure in your decision.

In 2001 we were given the opportunity to see the completed and restored Director's Edition DVD of Robert Wise's "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", and he had been given the opportunity to complete his film the way he had envisioned the film. This restored effort resulted in one of the most celebrated "Star Trek" DVDs ever, as the film was properly re-edited and restored and completed. Likewise, in 2002 director Nicholas Meyer was given the opportunity to restore additional footage into the framework for his Director's Edition DVD release of "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan".

As you are probably aware, there is sufficient documentation of elements resulting in approximately 10-15 minutes of additional footage that could be successfully restored to "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier", along with the film's original ending, and with the advancement of visual effects and computer generated imagery in films today, these elements should be considered in properly restoring "Star Trek V" to the way Mr. Shatner had originally envisioned.

There are certain visual effects companies that can properly complete the work to the film. Among the leading effects companies in the industry today: Lucas Digital, with their work on the "Star Wars" prequels; Digital Domain, under the supervision of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" effects supervisor Robert Legato, who won the Academy Award for the visual effects on your company's "Titanic"; and Foundation Imaging, who completed the visual effects for the above-mentioned "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" Director's Edition and the recently-completed "Star Trek: Nemesis". Any one of these three companies would be worthy of the challenge of completing the film.

Furthermore, we, the "Star Trek" fans, feel that William Shatner should be given the opportunity to restore the film. This is an issue of fairness and respect that has been extended to Mr. Wise and Mr. Meyer with their respective films, and to not extend the same courtesy toward Mr. Shatner is a major misstep that hurts both Mr. Shatner and your company. William Shatner is one of the most identifiable personas connected with the entire "Star Trek" legacy and community, and to deny him the privilege of completing the film for a DVD release is only disrespectful toward your company and Mr. Shatner.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, request that you reconsider your decision and allow William Shatner the opportunity to complete "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" for a Director's Edition DVD release. Such a move can be beneficial to your company, to Mr. Shatner, and to the many fans who have supported "Star Trek" and Paramount over the years.

Thank you for your time.