Bring Alumni Back to Fountain Day

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    President George M. Philip, the Office of Student Affairs, and the rest of the UAlbany Administration
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Fountain Day is a truly unique celebration at the University at Albany. Very rarely does the whole school unite to celebrate something (in this case, the coming of spring) together. Last year, roughly 250 alumni showed their school pride by joining in the fun at Fountain Day.

We, the undersigned, are University at Albany students and alumni. We are dismayed by the schools decision to turn alumni away from what has now become the Universitys most popular event of the year for the following reasons:
We do not believe that 250 less people present will have any effect on the overcrowding situation.
Fountain Day serves as a Homecoming of sorts for alumni, an event where they can meet up with fellow alumni and participate in a University-wide celebration.
Many recent alumni have friends who are still attending the University and would like to join their friends in the fountain.
Taking this privilege away will lead to many alumni feeling alienated from the University community.

We believe there must be a better way to solve the overcrowding problem, for example limiting alumni to 150 or 200 first-come first-serve spots or charging a nominal fee for alumni registration. Many of us have already voiced our thoughts in a group on Facebook, which can be viewed at the following URL:

We find it hypocritical of the University to constantly contact its alumni for donations yet shut them out of the Universitys biggest event of the year. Because of this, we will not donate to the UAlbany Fund until this policy is revoked.

We urge you to reconsider the ban of alumni from Fountain Day. We love UAlbany and want to continue to feel like full members of the University community.