Recognise UEC As An Entry Qualification Into Malaysian Public Universities!

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Please RECOGNISE UEC* (The Unified Examination Certificate) For Entry Into Malaysian Public Universities

It is recognised as an entrance qualification by many tertiary educational institutions in the United Kingdom, United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and others including most local private colleges.

Many students from these schools have won international acclaim and awards.

Singapore in fact absorbs the cream of the crop offering scholarships, bursaries and even jobs on completion of studies.

But, sadly, it is not recognised by the government of Malaysia for entry into Malaysian public universities.

Years back the Malaysian Government had introduced the Matriculation course for bumiputra pupils. That was a good move - to have a focused pre-university curriculum and at the same time help rural students.

If a thorough study is done it will show that the UEC is of a very high standard as it is a very tough examination to pass.

Why should Malaysia loose their best students to other countries?

Why not offer them places in local public universities? Accepting students with UEC qualifications will definitely uplift the standard of our local universities.

Further more, not all students of these schools can afford to go overseas or afford private institutions. What happens to them many among whom are academically high achievers - become drop-outs of the system?

Therefore We urge YOU - The Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and all who claim to be leaders of Our Nation, MALAYSIA - TAKE STEPS to recognise the UEC!

We also urge ALL MALAYSIANS to join us in supporting Our Call to The Government of Malaysia and The Minister Of Higher Education to recognise and accept the UEC - SML (Unified Examination Certificate - Senior Middle Level) as an entry qualification to Malaysian Public Universities.

Please Show YOUR Support! Show That YOU Care and Share!
Sign the petition and more importantly pass it on to other like-minded Malaysians to sign.

A BIG Thank You! Terima Kasih! Shiah-Shiah! Nandri!


*Note: ........ What is The Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)?

The Unified Examination Certificate (UEC)* is an examination that has been set and run by the Dong Jiao Zhong (the association of Chinese school teachers and trustees) since 1975.

This is a standardised examination taken by the students of all the 60 Chinese independent secondary schools in Malaysia. These independent schools are supported through student fees and donations from the public. Students of these schools also take the SPM examinations as private candidates.

The UEC is available in three levels: Vocational Unified Exam (UEC-V), UEC Junior Middle Level (UEC-JML) and Senior Middle Level (UEC-SML).

The UEC-SML has questions for mathematics, sciences (biology, chemistry and physics), bookkeeping, accounting and commerce in both Chinese and English.