UFC 75: Michael Bisping Vs. Matt Hamill

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    Dana White, UFC President
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I and innumerable other UFC and MMA supporters were utterly shocked and completely disheartened at the egregious decision that was made by the judges appointed in deciding the winner of the fight between Matt Hamill and Michael Bisping at UFC 75. This is not merely a complaint clouded by favoritism for one fighter or another, but rather, a resounding outcry being lodged by fight fans, both new and old, at a decision that we find to be exceptionally wrong, as well as an absolute blight to the honor of the UFC and the faith of its ever-growing audience. While we realize that the re-evaluation of such a highly publicized fight will prove costly beyond just monetary concerns, please listen to the fans who know and love MMA, and who are undyingly passionate about this venerable sport (just like you), when a decision such as this is so roundly denounced.

I and those who have signed this petition thank you for your careful and gracious consideration to this matter.