Stop Making UGG Boots

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    People Against UGG Boots
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This petition was created in response to an epidemic that has hit our American youth. UGG Boots have sold thousands upon thousands of pieces of footwear to our nation's females. Starting out as a fad among Hollywood elite on the red carpet, UGG Boots have made their way into far too many American homes. By committing your name to this petition, you fully support the cease of production of UGG Boots by the Original UGG Co. (UK) This trend must be stopped. They look absolutely ridiculous and are plaguing high schools, college campuses and malls all over this fine country. Just because they do it in Europe doesn't mean we have to do it here. You don't see us having bad teeth because it's in style overseas. The thought alone that anyone would spend nearly $100 to wear the skin of a poor, innocent sheep on their feet simply to look as foolish as they do is mind-boggling. But if the people don't stop buying them on their own, then further measures must be taken, we must go straight to the source and stop the manufacturing of these hideous galoshes.