Unrestricted High-Speed Internet Connection

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    Time Warner
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    The Users of the World Wide Web
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To the Executives of Time Warner,

We the users of the World Wide Web respectfully appreciate your commitment to the development and continual forward progress for the distribution and connection of our access to the World Wide Web through high-speed network bandwidth. We thank you for the many enhancements you have brought into our homes, and our lives, by giving us the access we need to conduct our personal, professional and social affairs in a manner never before imagined with the onset of high-speed data access.

However, we cannot accept in any way your attempt in limiting or reducing our connection with this critical infrastructure by an attempt to introduce a Pay-Per-Use business model.

We realize, and concede the fact, that you require the need to limit the abusive practices of a small group of users on your network in order to provide a reliable and consistent service to all consumers. We hope you might find a way to reach out and communicate with that small proportion of users who abuse your network on a consistent and regular basis that this small minoritys use of the available bandwidth must be reduced, or that you may innovate new ways for all users to obtain even more quality content and connection access.

We feel that the internet has developed into what it is today because of the unrestricted use of bandwidth quantity granted to us by high-speed bandwidth connections. Whether it be our use of the internet for working from home, communicating with family and friends, social and business networking, receiving our entertainment, managing our affairs, buying our goods, staying informed with world news, researching data, or the many other abundant reasons we connect to the internet, it is this unrestricted ability that has allowed the content to flourish and the Web to truly be World Wide. We feel that innovation will be hampered and available content diminished, if the consumer is forced to regulate their usage by metering their connection.

We strongly feel that the industry as a whole should never adopt a Pay-Per-Use business model for high-speed access, and strongly discourage any service provider from adopting this policy. We hope that you will continue to innovate new ways to enhance our communication experience without resorting to the limitation of our very notion of unrestricted use in any way. We will tolerate regulating pricing at various levels of access speed, we will tolerate the need to throttle-down a small percentage of users abusing the network after all other methods of their usage reduction have been exhausted, but we can never tolerate the notion of Pay-Per-Use of high-speed connections for all.

We look forward to the introduction of new technologies and forward-thinking progressions that will continue to enhance our experience using the World Wide Web, and your continued commitment to providing quality connections for all.