An Open Letter to the University of Richmond Board of Trustees

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To the University of Richmond Board of Trustees:

We, the undersigned, feel an obligation to express our frustration with the current direction being pursued under President William Cooper at the University of Richmond.

For many alumni, the University of Richmond holds a very special place near our hearts. That feeling has no doubt grown from any number of facets that will undoubtedly change as the institution evolves over time. While it is admirable to have lofty goals to move the University of Richmond ever upward, one should not ignore our school's legacy as a premier educational value wherein the student can obtain a superior collegiate experience for a manageable cost.

While in Dr. Cooper's tenure, we feel that the University of Richmond has deviated from if not abandoned elements that made the school a desirable place to be. Without detailing well-known frustrations with the recent tuition increase, efforts to move our football program to a non-scholarship conference, and the assertion that current students and alumni do not contribute in a meaningful way back to the school or to society at large, we feel that there is a fundamental disconnect between Dr. Cooper's goals and the historic fabric of the University of Richmond experience.

Whether perceived or real, the aforementioned disconnect has very tangible and deleterious effects in terms of alumni giving and support. In your position as the Board of Trustees, we hope that the volume of signatures attached below serves as notice that there is a considerable and growing populace of alumni who would like to see our direction changed. This does not mean remaining stagnant nor reverting, but it does mean moving the University of Richmond forward in a direction that administration, faculty, alumni, and students can all rally behind.