Gas Price Regulation

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    U.S. Congress
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We, the Undersigned Citizens of the United States of America, do hereby order an immediate and nation-wide federal regulation of gasoline prices. We demand a Nation wide gasoline price cap exceeding no more than one Dollar and Eighty-Five cents per U.S. Gallon of Regular Unleaded.

A regulatory cap on gasoline prices will have several benefits to the market and to the overall quality of the American People. After Major oil Companys are enjoying record profit quarters, year after year, we the American Citizens are struggling to make ends meet. Congressmen are talking a windfall tax to punish the Oil companies, we as Americans need action now. A tax would take years to affect the Citizens of this Nation.

We ask you to review this petition and fight for the people that have placed you in the house as our voice. Together we can end the contemptible high gasoline prices.