Ubisoft needs to make better quality games on the Wii.

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We the undersigned, the owners and future owners of the Nintendo Wii, want to draw attention to Ubisoft, and their lack of quality on the Wii console. Recently Ubisoft announced three games for the Wii, A new Rayman Raving Rabbids game, a new Snowboarding game, and Petz Dogz. We find it unacceptable that Ubisoft continues to ignore the strong Wii fanbase that crave hardcore games. Ubisoft, your top selling Wii game is Red Steel, a hardcore game, yet you continue to ignore us, you're not giving us Beyond Good and Evil 2 or a new Splinter Cell. You refuse to acknowledge the core Wii user base, this petition is directed toward Ubisoft specifically, we want good games, not poorly developed ones.